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Monthly Archives: October 2013

    10 Ways to Choose the Right Floor Plan

    By Nick Ratliff | October 28, 2013

    When shopping around for a home for the first time, most buyers find that choosing the right floor plan can be somewhat of a challenge. It is important that buyers understand that the floor plan that they choose will not only benefit them for the time being, but also for many years to come. Therefore... Read More

    Debunking Home Appraisal Myths in Lexington, KY

    By Nick Ratliff | October 25, 2013

    Whether you’re planning to buy or to sell a home in the Lexington, KY area, it is important to establish the correct details surrounding home appraisals. Because both home buyers and sellers have rather infrequent experiences with real estate appraisals, a variety of common misunderstandings exist.Ā An appraiser of real estate, like any other appraiser of... Read More

    How to Sell Your Home this Fall in Lexington, KY

    By Nick Ratliff | October 23, 2013

    People often think that the fall season is the wrong time to sell their home in Lexington. When, in fact, next to Spring, it’s the perfect time to sell. This year, especially, is ideal. There’s a severe shortage of homes available. As a result, it has created a “seller’s” market for homeowners. Home values are... Read More

    How to Restore the Color of Your Brick Home

    By Nick Ratliff | October 21, 2013

    Whether a time tested Colonial style house or a modern take on the gabled Tudor, brick homes are as stylish now as ever before in Lexington. In neighborhoods like Andover, it’s rare you won’t find a brick home. As a building material, bricks are reliable, attractive and relatively inexpensive compared to ornamental woods or stone.... Read More

    Halloween Decoration Ideas for Your Lexington Home

    By Nick Ratliff | October 9, 2013

    Halloween is one of the most popular holidays in the US, with most homes getting a large number of trick-or-treaters. Homeowners in Lexington take time and effort to decorate their homes on Halloween, so that it has a distinctive and memorable look. Whether you’re looking to send chills down spines or amuse little children as... Read More

    You’re a Lexingtonian If

    By Nick Ratliff | October 7, 2013

    Earlier this year we polled our Facebook followers about how THEY would complete the sentence “You’re a Lexingtonian If…” and we had some great answers! Since we are well into Fall, we thought this suggestion from one of our friends was just about perfect: Have you done a Fall Walk yet this year? Read More

    Lexington’s 2013 Thriller & Halloween Parade

    By Nick Ratliff | October 5, 2013

    The leaves are changing color, and that means it’s the season for spooks, ghosts, and ghouls to emerge once more. Halloween only comes once a year, and Lexington really knows how to celebrate. The Thriller & Halloween Parade is a great family activity with dancing, a parade, and a spooky after party. On Saturday, October... Read More

    Hope for Haiti: Our Contribution

    By Nick Ratliff | October 3, 2013

    It isn’t rare to hear about great causes in the Lexington area. Notable groups and organizations are grinding away at various efforts daily, and when I had the chance to finally participate in Southland’s Hope for Haiti cause, I couldn’t stop thinking about it. Even though my contribution was minimal, I still left with a... Read More

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