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A Must-Do Before Selling: Staging Your Yard

The yard. We stare at it, mindlessly holding the weed-killer bottle in our hands.  A cold sweat usually breaks across our brow as we wish we could watch the ball game rather than doing all this yard work. It is Saturday after all, so we start to ask ourselves why we bought such a large property. It isn’t exactly easy keeping up with the beautiful horse farms around Lexington, and your neighbors are constantly showing you up. You know it’s an important task maintaining the yard, but can’t shake that feeling of dread. What you need is some motivation.


Doesn't Have Curb Appeal
Doesn’t Have Curb Appeal

If You Sell the Outside, You’ll Sell the Inside

Whoever said “don’t judge a book by its cover” was wrong. In today’s real estate market, the yard is what stages the home to sell. Imagine if a potential buyer pulled up to your home and saw brown patches of grass littering the yard while lines of weeds crawled up your front porch. Their first thought would probably be “disgusting,” and they’d instantly drive to the next home for sale. Even if they didn’t drive away, their first impressions would already be unsettled.

When it comes to selling a home, you want to win their hearts immediately. Once you got that, everything else is a breeze. But is this going to motivate you to get outside, rev up that lawnmower and plant a few flowers? Probably not. So let’s look at some hypothetical figures, i.e. money. We all love money and when you’re selling your home, it’s a big deal. If you’re home is listed at $300,000 and has a pretty upsetting yard, a buyer will likely make an offer around $250,000 – simply because they know they have to spend money to fix the yard. Seems unfair, since you’re selling the house and not the yard, but it’s the truth. The yard is key to selling your home.


Easy Yard Fixes & the Easy Road to Buyers’ Hearts

No one wants to spend a fortune on landscaping, but everyone wants to have their yard to look like a professional did it. Here are some helpful and simple ways to spruce up your yard and drastically increase your “curb appeal” to buyers:

1. Make It a Lush Lawn – Find a high-quality weed killer with lots of micronutrients and get rid of any ugly patches. Also, setting the mower to a higher level can reduce the stress on the grass, reducing the need for more water and creating a healthier, greener look for your yard.

2. Flower Power – Healthy lawn is great, but if you really want that “wow” factor, plant a small garden. A few flowers well-placed around your front porch will go a long way in impressing buyers. They want to see the potential of their buy, and flowers definitely touch a heartstring. Petunias and Geraniums have a lot of color and impact. And hanging baskets can really brighten up a dull porch.

3. Don’t Forget the House Exterior – Even though the yard attracts a lot of attention, it’s important to not forget the outside of your house. Mold and dirt tends to collect on the porch and outside walls, which easily subtracts from your home’s vibrancy  An easy solution to this is using a power washer to rinse off any unwanted materials. Afterwards, your home will have that “brand new” appearance again.


Selling Your Home and the Yard

The one thing to remember when selling your home is that the yard comes with it. Taking care of your home includes this. So the next time you need some motivation, think about how much money you’ll make from having a beautiful and healthy yard. Now all you have to do is wait and be ready for offers.

For more information on selling your home, contact a local agent at: Nick Ratliff’s Cypress Residential Group


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