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Are You (Subconsciously) Afraid of Selling?

Have you ever found yourself on the verge of selling your house, only to stop halfway? We often know it’s time to sell, yet we continue to find new excuses of why we shouldn’t. In the long run, we begin to let our fears run rampant. Common thoughts like “I’m afraid of what people will think of my home,” and “There’s too many problems with my home that need to be fixed” are the general reasons we use to escape from selling our home — despite needing to.

With all these doubts circling around us it becomes hard to decide. We stare at the possibilities, only to let them slip by. Even though the real estate market has been doing incredibly well for home sellers this year, there’s still a shortage of homes on the market. Home values are up. Buyers are eating up any listings that hit “For Sale.” So, why are we struggling to find more homes on sale? In my opinion, I think it’s just because we’re afraid — or at least subconsciously.


Our fear may even be tied to our fear of success. It seems like a paradox when we look at in words, but how often do we find ourselves hesitating when we’re about to succeed? We’re so used to battling failure, we’ve become used to it. We ask ourselves, “What if our home doesn’t sell as well?” Now, we have to step outside our comfort zone and let people in our home. Of course we get scared. Real estate experts tell us there’s no better time to sell, as the market has been rebounding for 2 years almost, yet we don’t acknowledge that we’re a little scared of making the commitment. In return, we diddle-daddle in other home projects while forgetting about selling.

The problem: We lose out when the market is hot.

What do We do About Our Fear of Selling?

Just admit it. Let the fear “out.” There’s no easier way to put it. Paradoxically, it can help you relax. Here’s how it will probably run in your mind:

“Ok, I’m a little nervous about selling my home.” *Take a Deep Breath* “So, what’s next?”

Once you acknowledge it, you can focus on what exactly you’re afraid of. Then you can find a solution to the problem.

Why Should I Sell My Home?

Throwing out your subconscious fears, here’s one reason you should sell now: Home values have jumped nearly 12% in the last few months, hitting a 5-year high. Since the real estate market’s rebound in 2012, sellers have had the distinct advantage over selling their home. There are few homes on the market, forcing home buyers to make great offers on good homes that do hit the market. Sometimes, they even go into bidding wars between buyers. That’s how hot the market is for sellers. And with values rising, it’s the perfect time to make a return investment (and a little more).

Still need more reason to sell? Contact us today and we can discuss the value of selling your home. We can also address any fears you might have about selling your home.

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