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Easy & Quick Fixes that Help Sell Your Home for Big Returns

When you make the commitment to sell your home, whether by choice or for necessity, it only makes sense that you want to accomplish that goal as quickly as possible and get top dollar for the property.

Before you sign a listing agreement to sell your home in Lexington, take these steps to ensure you will receive acceptable offers:

Lexington Home Repairs
by GAP Home Repairs & Renovation

One, Two, Three

First, complete necessary repairs, both inside and out. Remember that first impressions are the most important, so be certain that, from the curb to the backyard, your home and landscaping are neat, clean, in top repair and appealing. A welcoming entry with visible house numbers, a shiny mailbox, and a bright light will entice prospective buyers to come on in.

Second, you may love bright, dark or odd colors, but most people find them distracting. Your walls don’t all have to be cream or beige, but repaint walls that are shockingly pink, or vibrantly violet. If you’re still living with 1980’s wallpaper, strip it and paint the walls. Sand and pale sea-sky colors are popular now, as are soothing grays and butter yellow. White trim is always good.

Third, the house should be spotless inside and out. Spray wash the exterior siding, clean the gutters, weed the planting areas, sweep the walkways and patio, polish all the windows inside and out, and do a major “spring cleaning,” from the floors to the ceiling, including basement, attic, garage and closets. Store it all, if necessary.

Additional Recommendations

Eliminate clutter. Pack up anything you don’t use daily, or at least weekly, including children’s toys, books and collections, and clothing. Make sure every room has a specific purpose. Do away with “multi-purpose rooms,” and “bonus spaces.” If you can’t define what a room should be, a prospective buyer will not be able to, either.

Remove or put away anything that is overly specific or descriptive of you and your lifestyle. For safety and privacy reasons, you don’t want to broadcast details of your personal life to anyone.

Use photographs to analyze your rooms. The camera picks up things the eye doesn’t see. Take pictures of your rooms — and study them — before the listing photos are taken. Rearrange furniture and accessories to emphasize room sizes, to highlight architectural features, or to improve the traffic flow.

Take the Kitchen’s Pulse

Assess your kitchen, the “heart” of your home. While “surgery” may not be called for, perhaps a little “medicine” might help. Consider new cabinet knobs, updated light fixtures, or even bright, colorful potholders and dishtowels. Put away most of the small appliances, and make sure the refrigerator magnets disappear. Make the sink, range and hood sparkle. Downplay any pet presence.

Purchase new towels and soaps for the bathrooms, and hide all bottles, lotions, potions and medicines. Try to think of the house simply as a product you’re offering for sale. And think about the new home you’ll soon be moving into.

For More Information

If you’d like to learn more information about selling your home, feel free to contact us with any of your questions!

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