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Emergency Knowledge

In the case of an emergency, there are three things you need to know: Where the main water cut off is located, where the main gas cut off is located, and general knowledge about your electrical panel.

The location of the main water cut off varies from house to house. Your main water cut off is typically located where the city main water line connects to your house. This connection can be found in many places including: the crawl space, garage, basement, above the water heater, or any random wall.

The location of the main gas cut off is generally located outside of the house above the meter. Very rarely will this be found anywhere else.

Your electrical panel controls all of the electrical circuits in your house. It can not only distribute the flow of electricity through your home, but it can also disrupt the flow of electricity when there is too much power surging through your wires. It does this by immediately cutting off the electricity or “breaking” the circuit to your house. This is why they are known as breakers. There are both individual circuit breakers and one main circuit breaker. You can shut off or restore power to every part of your house through individual circuit breakers. Additionally, you can shut off or restore power to the entire house through the master circuit breaker.

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