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Halloween Decoration Ideas for Your Lexington Home

Halloween is one of the most popular holidays in the US, with most homes getting a large number of trick-or-treaters. Homeowners in Lexington take time and effort to decorate their homes on Halloween, so that it has a distinctive and memorable look. Whether you’re looking to send chills down spines or amuse little children as they ask for candy, you’ll want to have the best in Halloween decorations. Here are a few ideas to get you started:

Lexington KY Halloween Home
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Use Halloween Lights to Create an Eerie Feeling

One of the most distinctive aspects of the home decor during Halloween is the lighting or illumination to be used for the home . You can use rope lights or LED strings in colors like red, green, and orange to create a very unique look. These strings may be arranged along the external walls and fencing to create a unique look. Lamps and lighting may also be used to make the scary figures used during Halloween more scary. Different colored lamps and/or LEDs may be used for illuminating the different parts of the body to make it look more lifelike. Alternately, these figures may incorporate proximity sensors, so that the figure is only visible or lights up when a person visits the area at night.

Add Music for More Effect

Today many compact electronic devices with recorded sounds like the barking, howling, wailing, screaming or shouting of human beings and animals are available both online and offline at a low cost. These sounds can be incorporated in the scary figures placed at the gates or doorways. In all, they add an extra dimension to your Halloween decorations.

Use Scary Figures to Add a Chill of Fear

Scaring the visitors is an important aspect of Halloween, so the homeowner can either purchase ready figures of ghosts, devils, mummies, monsters, jack o lanterns and zombies made from plastic or cardboard or create these figures using paper, cardboard, wood and glue. Other scary items like gravestones, tombs, cockroaches, snakes and lizards may also be used to scare visitors to the house. These figures may be painted with a fluorescent paint, so that they glow in the dark.

Carved fruits, pumpkins in the form of devils and monsters may also be used to decorate the house during Halloween. Alternately stencils may be used for creating these shapes. Black cat cut-outs made from paper or cardboard, which are considered to be inauspicious, can also be incorporated to make the entire home look scary.

Decorating Your Home During Halloween

While these are some of the ideas suggested, implementing this ideas depends on the budget, time, and availability of the material. Installing some of these Halloween decorations can be extremely time consuming, so it is advisable to check with the local supplier in Lexington and see if they can provide assistance while installing these decorations.

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