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Hope for Haiti: Our Contribution

It isn’t rare to hear about great causes in the Lexington area. Notable groups and organizations are grinding away at various efforts daily, and when I had the chance to finally participate in Southland’s Hope for Haiti cause, I couldn’t stop thinking about it. Even though my contribution was minimal, I still left with a good heart.

Last Tuesday, my wife and I got together with other volunteers to help pack meals for the hungry and poor in Haiti. Sponsored by Southland Christian Church, their goal was awe-inspiring: pack over 1.4 million meals in 6 days. The process was simple and direct. We gathered around a funnel to fill bags with rice, soy, dried vegetables, and vitamins. After that, the bags were weighed to ensure equal distribution and then sealed for a 3-year shelf life. Once palletized and loaded onto a truck, they were on their way to the needy in Haiti.

Here are some pictures from the event:

Hope for Haiti

Hope for Haiti

Hope for Haiti

Hope for Haiti

At this moment, the church is still working toward their goal and will finish up tonight (Oct 3rd). But this isn’t to say the church is done with its efforts. If you’re curious about their efforts and charity events, make sure you visit their website and learn more. I know after one day of helping, I felt a renewed sense of hope.



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