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I Want to Sell My House. How do I get Started?

To get started the first simple step is to fix up your home and make any repairs if needed. Curbside appeal is very important in getting people interested and to convince them to come inside. The next step is to have your home assessed by a professional Lexington appraiser.

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Get Your Home Appraised:

The appraiser will take your home’s measurement, they will take photos, and other information about your property and the neighborhood. After the appraiser’s report, then make plans to have your home inspected for structural soundness in the roof, the foundation, plumbing, electrical wiring, and appliances. Often a real estate agent will be able to give you a CMA, or Comparative Market Analysis, and give you an estimate of what you can sell your home for.

Marketing Your Home:

Before you begin placing your home on the market, make a list of all of its interesting selling points. This way, when your agent is talking to potential buyers, he can highlight important information. Your home will be marketed through various methods such as a yard sign, fliers, through the local MLS, and on multiple websites.

Negotiate Wisely and Quickly:

Next, you have a bite, someone wants to buy your home, now is the time to acquire a little help. A local Lexington mortgage broker or real estate agent should be consulted in how to estimate closing costs and other financial issues. Lastly, negotiate wisely and close as quickly as you can by sharing all the necessary state papers, then negotiate and counter until both sides are satisfied.

Tips to Find A Lexington Realtor:

If you are planning to sell your home with the help of a Lexington realtor, then finding the right one is vital. To look for a trustworthy agent, they must prove that they have obtained a license via the Kentucky Real Estate Commission. There are questions that must be asked and there are characteristics that you should be aware of. All licensed realtors in Kentucky should be members of a local association like the Kentucky Association of Realtors and The National Association of Realtors. They should also show as much interest in your home as you do.

Ask Questions:

They should act professionally, they should be able to show you your Multiple Listing Service (“MLS”) property information when they meet you because it will show their true interest. Questions to ask the Lexington realtor involves having them show you their real estate license which should be active. Ask the realtor about other Kentucky properties they have sold and importantly, what share of the commission do they want to find a buyer.

Benefits of a Realtor:

The advantages provided by a licensed realtor are invaluable to a seller. Some of these include being by your side in every step of the selling process. A real estate agent provides all the information you need on pricing your property and analyzing the right Lexington neighborhood data for comparison. They will keep you informed regarding your property through the Multiple Listing Service and the Internet.

A Lexington realtor will do all the marketing for you because they are intimate with the area. They will handle the query phone calls, a Lexington realtor will check potential buyer backgrounds, and they will negotiate the sales contract. They will also protect your interest by informing you of your state’s rules and regulations and to make sure that you are in compliance. Having an experienced and qualified Lexington real estate agent sitting next to you during the closing is a stress free experience.

For More Information About Selling

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