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2023 Eastern Kentucky Colonels Senior Night

My Internship with the Nick Ratliff Realty Team

by Jeremy Edwards

My story with Nick began one day sitting in class at Eastern Kentucky University, I was approaching my final semester and wondering what to do after school had finished. I thought about real estate, I had been in sales all through my life, I loved helping people, and I was a smart talker! I sent out some emails to different real estate agents and agencies in the area asking to complete an unpaid internship, purely to learn the ins and outs of the industry while gaining as much experience as possible. 

It was almost instant that I got a reply from Nick Ratliff saying he’d love to have a conversation and meet me face to face. We organised a meeting time and from that grew not only a professional partnership, but a friendship that would last a lifetime. 

Nick showed me the importance of putting people first in the real estate industry. He told me things that had never come across my mind before, such as “you are helping people find their home base for the next period of their lives. They’re not just names on lists, or numbers on cheques. If you show people that you genuinely care about them and their needs, you will build relationships for the rest of your life, and help them find their forever home”. I had never thought about this before, real estate agents had always had the stereotype that they were out to get the most money out of a house so they could get a bigger cheque. But Nick isn’t like that, he taught me that the real value comes from the relationships you make from people and the joy you bring to their lives. 

Following Nick in the out in the field and behind the scenes, it has become more and more prominent that his philosophy of helping people is true. The way people greet him and approach him is something I have never seen before. Some clients he hasn’t seen for years after helping them find their home, but when they do cross paths, it’s like they’ve been friends forever. Nick and his team truely are changing peoples lives. 

My most fond memory was the annual “pie day”! Nick ordered a mix of 150 pumpkin and apple pies for all of his past clients in the system. He then individually contacted them all to ask their preference and organized a night for everyone to come down to the office and pick one up for thanksgiving. Seeing the people walk through the door and actively search out either Nick or the Agent that helped them out showed me how much the team meant to these people. It was quite the spectacle to see 150 pies walk out the door with smiling faces carrying them!

Overall my time with Nick and the team has been truely eye opening. I’ve learnt so much more than I was expecting, and it has completely changed my outlook on the industry. I cannot wait to enter the real estate world and put the values and skills I have learned into action. 

To Nick, Penny, Jalen, Troy, and Kevin, thank you for allowing me to be apart of the team and teaching me the importance of putting people first. I will be forever grateful for my time with the Nick Ratliff Realty Team, and I will be forever grateful for the friends I have made along the way. 

Warm regards,

Jeremy Edwards 

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