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Betsy’s Agent Bio


Betsy Powell

Buyer Specialist

I grew up in a small town in Northern Alabama, to a family of Auburn alumni. When I was in high school we made the move from Alabama to Kentucky and settled down in Paducah. I was already familiar with the excitement surrounding the SEC and quickly jumped on the University of Kentucky band wagon. My husband Patrick and I are avid UK fans and proud to be apart of the Big Blue Nation! My interest in real estate began 34 years ago when I bought my first older home and began updating it with a little elbow grease. After I completed the renovation, I quickly sold that home and realized I had an eye for houses that needed a little TLC. So I spent the next 25 years adding a little bit of my special touch to neglected homes and selling them for profit. I like to say that I was “flipping” houses before HGTV coined the phrase! After we moved to Lexington, I decided to try out the other side of real estate. Because of my background I am able to quickly assess what the seller needs to do to their home to bring top dollar. I am also able to quickly see potential in a home that others might not recognize to help my clients find a diamond in the rough. My combined love for people and houses make me love my job as a real estate agent!

What was your childhood ambition?

To open a women’s clothing boutique!

When did you first join NRRT?

In the fall of 2015.

What strengths do you bring to that role?

I’m very patient, and I really care about my clients getting a good house for a good price. I’m not going to sell them something just to sell them something.

Who lives in your house?

My husband, myself, and my dog.

If you could go on vacation anywhere… where would you go?

That’s a tough one! I would go to Africa. I’d love to take one of those photography safari’s.

What are the most common mistakes people make with your name?

My name is Betsy but a lot of people think I say “Becky”. I also get the wrong spelling! People will spell it Betsey, and Besty.

What inspires you?

I am inspired by people who totally lay down their lives to serve other people. I’m not just talking one day a week, I’m talking about their WHOLE lives.

What is one word that you would use to describe your team?


If you could host a talk show, who would be your first guest?

If I could have anybody, dead or alive, it would be Jesus. But if I had to choose someone alive, it’d be Donald Trump.

How do you spend your days off?

Working in my flower garden!


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