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    Home Decoration of the Month: Horse Stable

    By Nick Ratliff | April 12, 2013

    Lexington has no shortage of beautiful homes and horse farms. It’s a common picture to imagine the rolling green hills, white picket fences, and thoroughbred horses as Lexington. To celebrate our reputation as horse capital of the world, our home decoration of the month is the stunning 24-horse training barn at 3160 Paris Pike, Lexington,... Read More

    The Top 5 Ways to Destroy Your Home Value

    By Nick Ratliff | April 9, 2013

    Everyone has tons of suggestions on how to improve and increase your home’s value. It’s almost viewed as a requirement before selling your home, but everybody ignores simple factors that are destroying your home’s potential. And believe it or not, they are all the homeowner’s fault. As real estate agents, we have seen dozens of... Read More

    Family Fun in Lexington (part 1): Hummel Planetarium

    By Nick Ratliff | April 4, 2013

    Weekends in Lexington are never dull and without proper entertainment. The city is home to a multitude of outdoor activities, musical events, and delicious restaurants. For families though, Lexington has a special group of places to visit and things to try. One in particular is the Hummel Planetarium. The perfect place to visit during the... Read More

    Distinguished Schools in Lexington

    By Nick Ratliff | April 1, 2013

    From the University of Kentucky down to care-giving preschools, Lexington has always placed education at the top of their priority list. The Fayette County School District’s mission is to create collaborative community that enriches students’ learning experiences. Their hope is to prepare them for college and for the future. To find quality schools in Lexington,... Read More

    Get Your Easter On: Decorate the Home

    By Nick Ratliff | March 20, 2013

    Easter is only a few days away and you might be still tapping your fingers against the table, thinking of how to apply your festive spirit. One easy way is decorating your home. Nothing sets people in the right mood than a few colorful decorations around the house. Think about how merry we get during... Read More

    The March Madness of Man Caves

    By Nick Ratliff | March 18, 2013

    March Madness is in full swing and that means the television will get more attention than usual in Lexington. Whether or not the Wildcats won, we’re still obliged to watch the games. We need to know who to beat next year, right? But watching the games on a regular television set, in a mundane living... Read More

    Popular Horse Farms Around Lexington

    By Nick Ratliff | March 18, 2013

    Horse farms have kept a special place among residents of Lexington since its earliest founding. The storybook setting of rolling hills, white-picket fences, and traditional barns are a sight to be seen. Each horse farm captures a moment of bliss and beauty that is hard to put into words. And more stunningly are the horses.... Read More

    The Polygon Search Tool in Maps

    By Nick Ratliff | March 13, 2013

    When people visit a real estate website, they imagine an endless scroll of homes for sale. They love viewing photos and taking virtual tours. They cautiously look at the price, hoping it’s within their price range. However, not everyone loves searching for homes through a gallery. Sometimes they want to view homes relative to a... Read More

    Lexington’s Top Realtor on Twitter

    By Nick Ratliff | March 10, 2013

    Real estate is no longer bound to magazines of home architecture or to personal websites. Agents, nowadays, are posting listings on Facebook, making YouTube videos of neighborhoods, and updating their blogs. The internet is sprinkled with real estate, and it has never been easier to find information about buying or selling a home. One Google search... Read More

    Real Estate News: the Upcoming Seller’s Market

    By Nick Ratliff | March 6, 2013

    It’s just as real estate agents suspected: the housing industry is becoming a seller’s market. The Wall Street Journal recently reported the number of homes listed for sale fell by 4.9% in January, leaving only 1.74 million homes on the market. This means there’s a growing amount of buyers searching the market while the supply... Read More

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