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    Real Estate News: the Upcoming Seller’s Market

    By Nick Ratliff | March 6, 2013

    It’s just as real estate agents suspected: the housing industry is becoming a seller’s market. The Wall Street Journal recently reported the number of homes listed for sale fell by 4.9% in January, leaving only 1.74 million homes on the market. This means there’s a growing amount of buyers searching the market while the supply... Read More

    The Kentucky Sweet 16

    By Nick Ratliff | March 4, 2013

    If you’re driving through Montgomery County this Thursday around noon and there is not a soul in site, it’s because the Montgomery County Indians are going to the Kentucky Sweet 16. Kentucky has a high school basketball tournament that is held each year in the historic Rupp Arena, home of the Kentucky Wildcats, giving the... Read More

    Map of Lexington Horse Farms

    By Nick Ratliff | March 1, 2013

    Known as the “Horse Capital of the World,” Lexington is home to countless beautiful horse farms. Travelers come from around the world to watch stunning thoroughbreds train across rolling hills of Kentucky wilderness. The storybook setting of classic barns and traditional farm houses is all too common in Lexington, which is why many people fall... Read More

    A Must-Do Before Selling: Staging Your Yard

    By Nick Ratliff | February 28, 2013

    The yard. We stare at it, mindlessly holding the weed-killer bottle in our hands.  A cold sweat usually breaks across our brow as we wish we could watch the ball game rather than doing all this yard work. It is Saturday after all, so we start to ask ourselves why we bought such a large... Read More

    Lexington: A Fortune 500 City

    By Nick Ratliff | February 26, 2013

    When people mention Lexington, they usually think of the beautiful horse farms that populate the area. Or they think of the University of Kentucky, since the Wildcats make national news in basketball almost every year. But what most people don’t know is that Lexington is a business city. One I’d even consider to be a... Read More

    Selling Your Home & Upgrading to a Better One

    By Nick Ratliff | February 23, 2013

    Sell Your Home First Nick Ratliff’s Tip: Sell your home before you buy. You may already be shopping for a new home – and you probably need it if you are – but some good real estate advice is to sell before buying a new home. The reason is financial risk. Having the burden of... Read More

    Preparing Your Home to Sell

    By Nick Ratliff | February 21, 2013

    The greatest secret to selling a home quickly and for the most money is the details. Who would think that re-painting the walls with neutral colors or adding a few pillows to the couch could drastically increase your chances of selling. It’s always been about details. When buyers first walk through a home, they want... Read More

    Navigating Lexington’s New Website

    By Nick Ratliff | February 13, 2013

    A New Site, New Tools, But the Same You The Nick Ratliff Realty Team is proud to announce the release of our newly designed website. When we decided to update our main site,, we realized the design and search tools deserved a new upgrade. So that’s what we did! With our new site, we’re... Read More

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