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Popularity of College Town Lifestyle Rises for All Ages

465171001Retirement trends have changed in recent years with the influx of the highly mobile and adventurous baby boomer generation. Many of the traditional patterns once seen in individuals entering retirement years no longer apply. The people who make up one of the biggest generations of the twentieth century are seeking to distance themselves from the places where they spent their entire working careers. Many are choosing retirement destinations that enable them to enjoy fun-filled activities in a learning-rich environment. That is one of the most popular reasons more retirees are electing to relocate to college towns such as Lexington, KY.


College Town Lifestyle

College towns appeal to those who want to enjoy a simple lifestyle in a friendly community affiliated with a college or university. Retirees who value learning can continue to stay actively involved by taking classes in subjects they enjoy. This generation of retirees is not ready to sit down and watch the world pass them by. They want to continue to enjoy an active lifestyle in a college town that allows them to retire in an energetic environment with an affordable cost of living.

 Benefits of Living in a College Town

College towns offer unique cultural and intellectual pursuits such as theaters, museums, a variety of restaurants, lectures and an abundance of free or inexpensive entertainment. Most small college towns feature a downtown area complete with a main street that encourages strolling and shopping. The abundance of activities in a college town includes concerts, college sporting events and live theater performances. Colleges with medical schools offer access to high quality medical care at affordable prices.

Reasons to Market to Retirees in Lexington

Those retiring this year will find it an ideal time for selling an existing home and purchasing a new one. Housing prices are at an all-time high and are expected to remain at these higher levels throughout 2014. Spring and summer are typically the best times to put homes on the market. The current market conditions indicate that the economy is on the up swing and homeowners are seeing a rise in real estate prices all across the country. Low interest rates make buying a home much more reasonable now than in recent years. The price of homes in college towns remains affordable for most retirees.

How Your Home is Perfect for These Buyers

The housing requirements have changed over the years for many retirees with many looking for comfortable homes that fit their current lifestyle. Because of possible diminished physical capacity, homes that feature a main floor master bedroom, a walk-in shower and easy access to outdoor patios or gardens are requirements when buying a home. Other amenities including spacious living areas with plenty of room for entertaining guests make retirement living more enjoyable.

Seniors who are leaving the workforce today represent an entirely different generation of retirees. They want a different type of retirement atmosphere and prefer living in college towns surrounded by vibrant young people. Resort retirement living is outdated for this retiring generation with new innovative ideas of living well. If you are interested in selling your home please give us a call with any questions. If you need to fill in the blanks of the selling process, check out our Definitive Guide to Selling Your Home:

How to Sell Your Home | Lexington KY Real Estate

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