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How to Sell Your Home this Fall in Lexington, KY

People often think that the fall season is the wrong time to sell their home in Lexington. When, in fact, next to Spring, it’s the perfect time to sell. This year, especially, is ideal. There’s a severe shortage of homes available. As a result, it has created a “seller’s” market for homeowners. Home values are on the rise and buyers are willing to make offers for top price. To help sell your home this fall, here are a few tips to get buyers walking through your door:

Lexington KY Home Seasonal Decorations
by Seaside Interiors

Rake the Leaves

Kentucky is known for their big, beautiful trees. Traveling in the state during the fall season is a treat to the eyes. However, leaves do fall at this time of year and you don’t want a potential buyer trudging through a foot of them. Let the buyers see the beauty in the trees while letting them see your grassy yard as well.

Use Seasonal Decorations

Plant some mums in your yard. Purchase a bale of straw, a few bundles of cornstalks and several pumpkins. Add in some scarecrows and Indian corn and make a display in your front yard that welcomes the season and the harvest. Line your front path or steps with potted mums and pumpkins and use festive ribbons to attach the cornstalks to lamp posts or lean them against the front of the garage wrapped in the ribbon. Seasonal touches help sell your home by adding good impressions in the buyer’s mind.

Maximize the Light

Make sure all of your outdoor lighting is working and install motion detector lights and leave the front porch light on. Wash the windows inside and out and open interior drapes, blinds and shutters. Home buyers love natural light so flood your home with it. One of the first things they notice upon entering a home is the light both natural and artificial. So, turn the lights on inside the house as no one likes dark corners. Light also helps “create a larger” space in your home. Dark corners subtract from space, so natural light helps expel this negative factor.


Schedule Early Showings

Plan a lot of weekend day trips and have your realtor showing your home during the day. Try to avoid evening showings so as to show your home when you have as much light as possible. Buyers like to see the outside beauty and charm of your home as well as the inside homeliness.

Make Your Home Smell Good

Take advantage of the season by burning a pumpkin spice candle. The autumn season is often associated with unique scents — and when you remind buyers of this, they get a good impression of your home. So, set up a coffee, hot chocolate, and cider bar on one of your kitchen counters. Bake chocolate chip cookies or pumpkin bread just before your open house so that the scents are wafting through the whole house when your buyers arrive. Display them on a platter that showcases the season by using paper leaves scattered around them. Take advantage of the five senses and activate the imagination. Have your buyers envisioning themselves living in your home the moment they walk in the door.

Make use of a Photo Album

Draw your buyers attention to the dining room table by setting up a small seasonal display of mini pumpkins and mini Indian corn in a basket. Use the display to draw the buyers to a photo album which has pictures of your home taken during the spring and summer. If you have a hammock, throw some brightly colored pillows and a light blanket on it and take a picture of it which also gives a view of your home. Let buyers see the beauty of your home in the spring, summer, and fall. Again, keep their imaginations active. Have them planning a garden, landscaping, barbecues and relaxing in your backyard.

Selling Your Home in Lexington, KY

Make use of these tips and sell your home this fall in Lexington, Kentucky. If you’d like to learn more about selling your home, contact us or read our free home seller’s eBook:

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