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What is Your Next Step in the Sale Process?

Lexington  is a city that is growing and evolving. At 33 years old, the median age in Lexington is well below the Kentucky state average. Young families are moving to Lexington and they, along with the rest of the buyer base, have established funds with which to buy a home. If you want your home to sell in Lexington, then it needs to be in move-in ready and meet the needs of a population that has more money to spend than any other city in the state. If your home is already on the market and not selling after a month or two, then you may need to reevaluate the selling process and your home’s progression:

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Don’t Let Your Listing Go Stale

If your home has been on the market for more than a month, then you need to update your listing. A stale listing is one that has been available for so long that it no longer is attracting visitors at a stable rate. You need to update your listing with new photographs, add a video tour of your home and list all of the improvements that have been made since the home was first listed.

How to Sell Your Home | Lexington KY Real Estate

Renovations May Be In Order

You know the roof of your home is in rough shape, but you still think you can find a buyer? As each potential customer leaves your home after looking it over, they are mumbling something about the roof, or whatever else is in need of repair in your home. In other words, when buyers talk, you need to listen.

It may be that you need to take your home off the market for awhile in order to invest in the renovations that need to be done. Investing in renovations will not only help you sell your home, it will also allow you to raise your asking price. You could also consider including a home improvement incentive in order for the upcoming buyer to pay for the needed repairs.

Re-Evaluate Your Price

You have put a lot of work and a lot of years in your home and now you want to see that translate into a profit. The problem is that your potential buyers are not emotionally attached to your home and they are just looking for a fair deal. Be realistic about your pricing and don’t lose sight of the actual value of your home.

Is Your Agent Inhibiting a Sale?

If your listing has gone stale, then there is a good chance that your agent could be more active in the sale. How much does your agent know about Lexington and your area? If you go to your agent’s website, is it easy to use and can you easily find your property? A good website that offers comprehensive information and the chance to get more information is critical to the success of your listing.

Your Next Steps

Along with following the tips that we just laid out, you can also give potential buyers incentives to buy your home. You may want to consider including new kitchen appliances with the purchase, or include a home buyer’s warranty with the purchase agreement. You need to be aggressive if you want to sell your home and that means doing whatever it takes to get buyers to look your property over.

For more information about selling your home in and around Lexington, KY please don’t hesitate to contact us.

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