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The Polygon Search Tool in Maps

When people visit a real estate website, they imagine an endless scroll of homes for sale. They love viewing photos and taking virtual tours. They cautiously look at the price, hoping it’s within their price range. However, not everyone loves searching for homes through a gallery. Sometimes they want to view homes relative to a location (without typing in a new address every time). Finding and getting e-alerts when homes go on sale can be difficult as well, if you’re not searching the right way.

In our Map view, we have one tool that can help you locate and send “New Home” alerts to whichever parameter you set. In fact, you get to draw where you’d like to view homes on the map. It’s called the Polygon tool. Here’s a quick video tutorial demonstrating how to use it:

Using the Polygon Tool

1. Click the polygon tool in the upper-left corner of the map


2. Hover your mouse over the area you want to view homes

3. Click the map to start drawing and click again to stop the line


4. Repeat Step 3, connecting the lines into a polygonal shape


5. When finished, the map will populate your drawn area with home listings

6. If you want to save your results, click the “Save This Search” button under the search bar


7.When you click the “Save This Search” button, you’ll receive a prompt asking you to fill in your information. You can then set the polygon map to send you e-alerts of properties in the area on a regular basis.

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