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What Buyers Want to Hear Most and Sellers Forget to Mention

468680577The real estate market constantly changes and fluctuates. One year, it’s a seller’s market with sellers demanding high prices, and the next year, it’s a buyer’s market with buyers getting low prices on great homes. As Lexington is home to the University of Kentucky and a wide range of other activities and attractions, it remains popular with buyers of all ages and backgrounds. Sellers often neglect to mention a few highly important features, but mentioning those features can reduce the amount of time a house spends on the market. If you work with the right agent, they will strive to include all of these details in any and all marketing materials about your home, but it never hurts to make sure these elements are helping to sell your home:

Hidden Gems in the Neighborhood

Is your home within walking distance of Rupp Arena where the UK Wildcats play? Are the best shopping areas just a short drive from your home? Does your backyard overlook the campus? Make sure to divulge commute times to downtown areas, business districts and grocery stores.

Features for Seniors

The largest group of people buying houses today are baby boomers, and those boomers want features that will work as well for them today and later. You don’t need to add anything drastic, but you should mention what makes your house a good fit for older buyers. You might point out the walk-in shower, easy access to the backyard or the large entrance that lacks any steps and provides easy access to the house.

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Energy Efficient Features

Shoppers today know that the design and size of a home can impact their future heating, cooling and electric bills. When shopping for a new house, they look for items and products that will reduce those bills. A smart thermostat that predicts their behavior and adjusts the temperature in the house or a water heater that keeps heating costs down will appeal to those shoppers. If you have a large difference in price after installing energy efficient features, make sure to tell potential buyers. They will notice the savings in your home versus another larger non-energy efficient choice.

Storage Solutions

First time home buyers typically look for homes that give them more storage than their previous rentals did. They love the idea of having their own space, but they want to ensure that they have enough space. If your home feels tight or cramped and suffers from a lack of storage, you can see the light go out of their eyes as soon as they look around. Adding organizational systems to your bedrooms and kitchens and highlight other storage areas is an easy way to reach those buyers.

Green Living

Lexington issued a number of green initiatives that reduced the amount of energy and water wasted by residents, and shoppers will want to know that you care about green living too. Some homeowners add a small herb garden or vegetable garden to their backyards, build a compost bin or add a receptacle that collects rainwater. Aside from these simple features using recyclable building materials such as insulation, roofing or sun panels are excellent ways to add value and attract buyers to your home.

In today’s market, painting your walls and boosting your curb appeal is one thing. But what really hits the message home is when buyers hear about a property’s details that they didn’t realize they wanted such as energy efficient or senior friendly features. For more information on how you can prepare your home to sell, please don’t hesitate to contact us or check out our newest infographic detailing the biggest seller mistakes and how to avoid them:
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