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Home Styles Around Lexington

Discovering the perfect home is no simple task. The amount of rooms, size, and amenities are all dependent on one thing: the architectural style. When you begin searching for a new home, keep in mind what you’re looking for. Almost every home has 3 bedrooms or 2 full baths, but what really makes it special is the design. Some homes feature open living spaces while other styles prefer more closed in areas. There are a myriad features to consider, but don’t panic. A simple way to narrow down your search is to look by style. And we so happened to compile a beautiful list of different home styles located around the Lexington area. Take a look and find which one is best for you!


One of the most picturesque and prevalent homes in the area is the colonial. Rectangular and symmetrical in design, there are few homes more formal than this style. Guests enter through a centrally located door before touring multiple rooms serving a variety of purposes. Rooms are typically divided and feature multi-paned windows with shutters. Ideally, those looking for a home reminiscent of colonial history with divided rooms should start their search with this design.
The word “farmhouse” is a loose term used to describe a house style. Usually, it refers more to the location of the home, i.e. on a farm. And Lexington has many of them. Despite the vast amounts of farmland to appreciate, the home will feature a more colonial style with several rooms and porches. There’ll also be several formal and informal spaces to host guest parties and to relax. Typically, these homes are built for large families and can serve as a great retreat from the city and suburbs.
A growing development in the downtown area of Lexington has made lofts a more attractive option for those looking to live in the city. Featuring large, open spaces and modern amenities, there are few home designs that can make living this comfortable in the city’s heart. Spaces are flexible and can suit a variety of tastes. Large windows offer spectacular views while high ceilings makes you feel like you’re in a big home.
During the formation of the United States, citizens wanted a new style of architecture for their new nation, and so was born the Federal-style home. One of the driving factors of this style was the renaissance – with decorative finishes and geometric shapes. People wanted the house to speak “wealth,” so they designed it to have grand front facades with a brick construction. Multiple windows and entryway columns greet guests while the interior boasts several divided rooms.
Contemporary architecture consists of a diverse array of home influences. They can be mixtures of colonials with modern designs, or be high-rise waterfront homes. In general, contemporary homes are blend of different styles to suit modern day’s tastes. These homes are more concerned with energy efficiency and sustainable materials. They offer open floor plans, though bedrooms are still specifically separated. If you’re a home buyer looking for a perfect blend, then a contemporary home might be the right one for you.

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