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How to Cope When UK Loses

Impossible! UK lost their game?

No one can imagine it. No one ever dreams of it, but yes, the University of Kentucky tends to lose a basketball game every now and then. And when it happens, it’s the saddest day of Lexington’s world. For those die-hard fans witnessing their team face that crushing loss in the Final Four, it usually creates a depressed city-state the day after. But, here at the Cypress Residential Group, we’ve compiled a list of ways you can get over the unthinkable.

For Doomsday

1. A UK Fan’s Best Friend is Ice Cream – Yes, that’s right. Ice cream. We all know when people go through a tumultuous time of sadness, they break out the ice cream. It’s the perfect time to sweeten up those tears as you come to fathom the impossible. So get digging and cheer yourself up with the UK’s official ice cream blend – Ben & Jerry’s Chocolate Therapy.


2. Pull Out the Stress Ball – Don’t ruin your television by throwing a bowl of salsa at it, while blaming the referees for the Wildcat’s loss. That 52′ screen cost a lot and you’ll just end up regretting it. Take out the stress ball and squeeze. Squeeze hard until all that fury is dissipated. That way, you won’t lose twice and won’t be faced with cleaning up a messy stain of tomatoes and chips.


3. Breakout the Comedy DVD Set – There’s no better therapy for loss than laughter. Take it from a guy whose lost a ton of games … Happy Gilmore. It’s even been rumored to be Coach Calipari’s pick for when he loses a game. So be a loyal fan and follow him. Learn from Happy’s mistakes and how he comes back to win.

Therapy & The Days Following

It’s never fun taking a loss, but without it, we wouldn’t know the glory of winning the championship next year. Plus, it means we get to rub it in everyone’s faces when the Wildcats create the biggest upset in history. So keep your gear and be ready to cheer on the University of Kentucky next season.

And be sure to have the right home for your UK basketball party. A victory party is only as good as the house!

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