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    About Newpast on Main
    Admiring the cityscape from your apartment is one of the biggest delights to living in Downtown Lexington. Beautiful architecture lights up the horizon and local shops serve your convenience. For those seeking retirement or just want to be in the city, Newpast apartments offers some of the best benefits to living in Lexington. Exciting restaurants and fashion boutiques line the streets, giving you plenty of things to do as you walk around town. Forget all the traffic home owners face driving to work. You can easily walk or take shortcuts down side roads. And have the city at your beck-and-call. Everything in Downtown Lexington makes living more entertaining than the suburbs.
    Newpast on Main Apartments
    Located on 622 West Main Street, Newpast apartments have the privilege of being surrounded by modern and classical architecture. It’s where Lexington’s past and present meet, giving apartments a contemporary touch while retaining the natural charm of a warm home.
    As you walk into a Newpast apartment, you’ll be captivated by the overall warmth of the decor. Wooden floors lead into a brightly lit kitchen, where maple cabinets and granite countertops offer amazing space for cooking. Floor-to-ceiling windows allows natural sunlight to warm the apartment in the winter, and gives you a spectacular view of the city. Outside are private balconies to start your own garden. Put some chairs out there and get some fresh air.
    Newpast apartments have been styled like townhomes to provide a private, yet open living space. Bedrooms overlook the courtyard, offering a peaceful night sleep from city noise. And when you want to get out the apartment, local shops and restaurants sit nearby. Enjoy concerts and classic theatres, or just take a stroll down to the University of Kentucky’s campus. Whatever you want, Downtown Lexington has it.
    Come take a look at Newpast apartments and learn why living downtown will be the best experience of your life!

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