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Off-Campus Housing Near the University of Kentucky

The state of Kentucky is one of the most beautiful in the nation. The jewel of this state is Lexington, which is its second-largest city and is known as the horse capital of the world. Located on a beautiful plateau, it is known for its fertile soil and its many horse and stock farms. Its thoroughbred horses as well as its University of Kentucky are famous for their excellence.

Attending the University of Kentucky

People who live in the area have the opportunity to attend the University of Kentucky, which offers 16 colleges and a graduate school, as well as undergraduate, master’s and doctoral programs. It also offers four professional programs and has fifteen libraries on campus. There are also a number of other universities and colleges available. Because of the high concentration of businesses, students have no problem finding part time work if needed.

University of Kentucky

Finding Off Campus Housing

With these excellent educational advantages, many students and professors seek housing in the area. Fortunately, there are both rentals and excellent opportunities to purchase the home of their dreams. In addition, the convenience of living within walking or driving distance of the university cannot be overemphasized.

Many off campus housing units are within walking distance of the school, or have convenient public transportation to help avoid the inconvenience of having to find parking or pay parking fees. This saves time when one is in a hurry to reach a class or fulfill other educational requirements.Ā Finding available living quarters, with this additional convenience, is a definite plus for people associated with the university or other educational facilities in Lexington.

Types of Housing Available

The assortment of housing available in the Lexington area includes apartments, condominiums, family homes and estates. If you to make Lexington your permanent location, there is the opportunity to purchase a home in several different locations. With neighborhoods such as Chevy Chase, Rosemont, Seven Parks and the downtown area, it is possible to obtain a home that will match the lifestyle you desire as well as your budget.

Chevy Chase in Lexington KY

Types of Neighborhoods

One example is the Chevy Chase neighborhood. This part of Lexington features majestic homes, the majority on large lots or acreage. A jewel in the city, it presents the feeling of enjoying privacy while having access to any type of activity desired. For children there are excellent educational facilities from pre-K through high school to prepare them for attending the university.

Rosemont offers reasonably priced homes in a convenient location. This makes it easy to find housing that will fit the needs of a professor, student, or anyone who wishes to live in a well-developed area of the city. The downtown area offers housing which provides immediate walking access to the various events that occur during the year, as well as a chance to explore interesting areas of the city.

When studying or teaching it is important that comfortable and convenient quarters be located. That is possible when you are attending the University of Kentucky or other educational institutes located in Lexington.

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