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Trusted By Dave

As a Real Estate ELP, I am RamseyTrusted!

My Dave Story – Nick Ratliff

I’ve been a real estate professional since 2004 and when I received the call from the RamseyTrusted team asking me to consider being on their team, it was quite an honor. I’ve followed Dave for years. I was raised by a mom who had created her own envelope system well before Financial Peace University was ever a class. Therefore, when I learned about his process, it had always just made sense to me. After the housing crash of 2008, I knew that I had to build a better financial foundation for myself. I walked through a personal foreclosure, fought off bankruptcy, and dealt with all of the creditor calls that Dave talks about on his radio show so often. I got myself into that mess once, and I was determined to get out and stay out of it.

This is why one of the Core Values of the Nick Ratliff
Realty Team is “Guide Sound Financial Decisions.”

During the process and as I was fighting my way out, I attended Dave’s teaching of Financial Peace University at my church, Southland Christian Church here in Lexington, KY. The two day event helped to bring me back to the foundation that my mom had raised me to have. I have completed FPU, read “The Total Money Makeover”, and completed the “Legacy Journey” program. The Legacy Journey has since been repurposed, but it was my favorite program. It helped me to see the loopholes that I had in my financial plan and it was fun to envisioning what it will mean to “Build Wealth and Give.” I’m proud to say that all of these years later, with the help of so many people, my wife and I are working towards the end of the Baby Steps.

As you can read, I am far from a financial expert, but I am experienced. I’ve made the mistakes both with finances and in real estate. My goal now is to help other people not make those same mistakes. My goal is that none of my clients are ever looking at foreclosure like I had to do. Luckily for me, it happened early in life and I have been blessed to recover. This is why one of the Core Values of the Nick Ratliff Realty Team is “Guide Sound Financial Decisions.” I hope that you will give us the pleasure of helping to guide you and your family through your real estate transitions.

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