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Relocating to Lexington, KY – Your Local Guide

Moving – Plan and Organize:

There are many major and minor details to remember and to take care of when you’re moving. The best time to move, both out of your old home and into your new Lexington, Kentucky home, is during the work week. By moving during the week, all business, such as utility companies, local government offices, banks and local businesses are open. If there are any challenges that pop up, they can easily be handled without a lot of stress. An additional relocating tip when you reach your new home destination is to have planned for locating essential items for the first couple of days.

Tuscany in Lexington KY

If you have children, you might need some things to keep them entertained. This includes TVs, MP3 players and computers, especially for smaller children. Other items that will be needed at a moment’s notice are cleaning products, clothing, bedding, tools and a vacuum. Of course, the Lexington-Fayette County area has many cleaning services that would be happy to assist new homeowners with many of these details and more.

Lexington Economy:

Lexington is Kentucky’s second largest urban city whose economic base is centered around retail, manufacturing, construction, health care, education and the automotive industry. These industries supply a thriving and continual employment growth for its residents, making Lexington’s unemployment rate, the lowest in the nation. The city of Lexington is considered a “Bluegrass” region and the “Horse Capital of the World” because of its location, in the central part of Fayette County, Kentucky.

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Global Lexington:

The University of Kentucky is well known for its basketball team, the Wildcats and their NCAA Division standing. Not only is the University one of Lexington’s largest employers, but major Fortune 500 companies also call Lexington headquarters. These companies include:

  • Trane
  • Hewlett Packard
  • United Parcel Service
  • Affiliated Computer Services
  • Lexmark International

Lexington’s top national honors include recognition has the fifth best city in the nation for career minded entrepreneurs and one of the top 10 most educated cities in the nation.


The global attractions of Lexington include its thoroughbred racing tracks and equestrian competitions, the Headley-Whitney Museum, Mary Todd Lincoln House, the Living Arts and Science Center and many artistic and cultural centers. The world’s largest Foucault pendulum clock has been housed in the Lexington Public Library, since 2001. Distilleries and vineyards add to the top attractions and global recognition for Lexington. Speaking of this area as the horse capital of the world is an understatement. Lexington has hosted sheiks, shahs, princesses, prince, kings and queens who have participated in and featured their top thoroughbreds both in show and racing.

Parks and Recreations:

With over 100 parks spread throughout its unique neighborhoods, Lexington has been dubbed “the city in the park.” These parks are designed to entertain and educate the residents and visitors with amenities that include barbeque pits, volleyball courts, baseball fields, basketball stands, jogging and walking trails, bike paths, skating parks, dog parks, horse trails, children parks, botanical gardens, pools, aqautic centers and natural scenery. Park programs consists of summer camps, athletic camps, senior programs, science clubs, therapeutic programs which are designed to augment the emotional, social and physical health of disabled persons.

Lexington, KY Neighborhoods:

Downtown Lexington is a mix of the old and the new, both in historic and modern buildings and single detached family homes. The downtown area is filled with varying cultural and ethnic restaurants, varied shopping experiences, theaters, art galleries, unique museums, a lively nightlife, live entertainment, farmer markets, local artisan shops, the Lexington Philharmonic, the Lexington Opera House, a large convention center and the Rupp Arena. There are over 250 neighborhoods that help to make up the Lexington living experience. Each community is an integral part of a network of partnerships in providing the best in services for individuals, families and businesses.

Each neighborhood has its own history and character makeup that gives Lexington, its own distinct flavor. Lexington is divided into 4 regions or areas that are defined as the northwest, northeast, southwest and southeast. Lexington has everything that a family, business or enterprising individuals could ask for. Relocating to Lexington provides many large, world wide metropolitan city amenities within an open urban, scenic environment.

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