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Understanding Lexington Real Estate with Nick Ratliff

Lexington has had its share of bluegrass celebrities, but one rising star has been Nick Ratliff. A real estate agent turned broker, Nick has successfully branded his name as the go-to guy in the real estate business. And if you haven’t caught his home seminars or public speeches, here’s your chance. Nick sat down with us to explain his real estate experience and how he became a leading broker in the area.
The Man Behind the Houses and Horse Farms
“It’s one thing to be a real estate agent, but it’s a whole other thing to be the agent for Lexington,” Nick explained, as he told us about his background. He used to market his country boy upbringings as the core that made him so relatable to people, but it was his engineering mind that created the “analytical” agent he has become. With love and an understanding for numbers, he’s always excelled at negotiating. He even says it was his favorite part … and closing 20 properties this year is more than enough to show that love.
What has made the real estate properties you represent so special?
“I think most consumers will quickly see that I don’t just list any property to have a sign in the yard,” Nick said. In fact, he takes great pride in showcasing a home. He doesn’t take listings with unrealistic price expectations because it doesn’t do anyone any good if the property sits on the market. He also takes the time to prepare his showings and presents homes that he knows clients will fall in love with.
“Lexington homes and horse farms by themselves are already special as is, but it takes the right knowledge of buyers and clients to match up everything,” Nick says.
What real estate myths do you encounter and deal with on a regular basis?
“The most common one is that if I spend more money on the house, the more it’ll be worth.” But as Nick explained, this doesn’t always remain true. The value of homes are set by the sales of the homes around you. Upgrading home features can persuade buyers to make an offer, but there is a limitation to the up-sell. You can’t just simply sell a home for a million dollars because it has all these nice features. It needs to be in the right neighborhood and have surrounding real estate to be just as valuable.
What really set you apart from the other agents?
When going over the details to becoming an excellent agent, there were major points reiterated through the conversation. One was building a trustworthy name. Nick constantly repeated the fact that an agent needs the ability to listen to their clients and use whatever knowledge they gain solely for the client’s benefit. “Being genuine,” Nick said, “is the best thing an agent can be. If the client doesn’t trust you, they won’t work with you.”
The second detail we found about Nick’s success was his timeliness. He declared that it was the highest priority to immediately respond to clients. Failure to do so could lead the client to turn elsewhere for information … and that is bad.
What types of properties do you specialize in and what makes them great?
“I generally represent Lexington and Georgetown properties in the Kentucky area,” Nick answered, commenting on the dynamic twist to the 2 regions. Being located too far north to be a “southern town” and too south to have that “northern edge” Lexington has been placed in the middle of all things great. Major businesses call the city home because they’re located in between metropolitan areas like Chicago and Atlanta. And with jobs comes prosperity. The community still has that small town charm where you feel like you know everyone.
Then comes Lexington horse farms. Praised as some of the most beautiful properties in the world, horse farms have become highly-sought real estate to train and breed horses. Why wouldn’t someone want to move here and enjoy the relaxing atmosphere of rolling hills and blue skies?
To learn more about Nick Ratliff and his real estate success, don’t hesitate to contact him by clicking here.
And don’t forget to search Lexington Real Estate. We’re sure your dream home lies there.
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